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Quickcake MachineThe Quickcakes® Machine is a high quality, innovative and unique automatic pancake making machine, a first in the food service industry. The machine's durable design is easy to use, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. The machine cooks 97% fat free, piping hot pancakes without the use cooking oil or silicone based sprays and is cool to the touch. No exposure to high temperature cooking surfaces. The Quickcakes® machine is very sophisticated yet easy to use. The operator can adjust the pancake size, doneness and speed the pancakes are delivered. The Quickcakes® machine has the capability of producing a 6" pancake every 20 seconds! That is three times faster than any other "fresh baked" breakfast option, which is important during peak breakfast periods. The computer managed baking system can produce all of this with very low power consumption. Weighing in at only 52 lbs., with a small footprint, and requiring only standard 120V/20amp power, the Quickcakes® machine is a snap to install (see specifications below). Just prepare the mix in the self contained, double-lined, sanitary, HCCP approved dispensing bag. Insert the bag into the machine and you are ready to make pancakes. No complicated dispensers, extensive handling, plastic cups and lids or messy splattering mix. When you are ready to clean up, just remove the dispensing bag and throw it away. There will be no dispensers, drip pans, heat deflectors or utensils to clean. Our system is "Green", saving energy, water and reducing waste. Check us out and see how easy it is to add fresh baked pancakes to your breakfast bar today!

Quickcakes® Machine Specifications






120V A/C

14 amps

1700 watts


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The Mix


Case Pack
15 Bags

520 - 4" Pancakes

Quickcakes® mixes are made from only the finest, natural ingredients, using a proprietary recipe that insures optimum performance on the Quickcakes® Machine. Packaged by one of the largest food service suppliers in the United States, Quickcakes® mixes have been carefully developed to suit the taste preferences of discriminating customers worldwide. The mixes are packaged in our specially designed, double-lined, HCCP approved dispenser bags with HCCP approved dispensing caps. This insures the dry mix and batter remains sealed, fresh and bacteria free.

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